Defect inspection

Protect your interest when you first receive your key to new your home. A professional defect inspection team knows what to look out for when checking your home before and after renovation. Defects inspections ensure quality workmanship to avoid potential disputes and safeguard your best interest.

To ensure good workmanship and a hassle-free process, AddIn partners a qualified defect inspiration company to conduct professional third-party inspection checks on all renovations carried out. This ensures objectivity in inspections to safeguard homeowners’ best interest.

Here at ADVANCE INSPECTION, we are dedicated to providing quality inspections services for your home and properties. Together with our committed team of veterans working hand in hand with competent managerial staff, the execution of each inspection is well-organized and hassle-free, looking out for the finest of detail, resulting in works of customers satisfaction.

We truly believe in constant upgrading and expanding our pool of techniques and skills by keeping up with the latest advancements of inspection equipment and technology. With the current and ever-widening range of methods at our disposal, we are able to provide our clients with solutions that are specially tailored to their needs.

Our reputation is built in our ability to work closely with clients and produce consistently high-quality project turn-over that matches their needs and goals. Over the years, we have build a strong bond of trust and credibility with our industry partners. We look forward to working with you and also catering to your needs.

Comprehensive Professional Services For:

  • Residential & Commercial Defects Inspection
  • Latent Defect Claims Report
  • Electrical Works Specialist Inspection ( Certified By LP Endorsements)
  • Water-Proofing Works Specialist Inspection
  • Pre & Post Resale/ Renovation Recommendations Inspection
  • Structural PE Endorsements & BCA Submissions

Inspection Images

Sample Reports