Renovate with Confidence

Stringent Professional Work Flow and Third-Party Defect Inspection

Standard Renovation Process Flow


Most renovation activities are carried out in the absence of homeowners, leaving them clueless about what goes on. So to give homeowners peace of mind that processes are carried out professionally, companies engaged through our portal are to adhere to a standard renovation process to ensure quality workmanship. From demolition, masonry, electrical and plumbing works, to procedures like plastering and hacking a wall, all activities must meet our professional processes.

Defect inspection


Protect your interest when you first receive your key to new your home. A professional defect inspection team knows what to look out for when checking your home before and after renovation. Defects inspections ensure quality workmanship to avoid potential disputes and safeguard your best interest.

To ensure good workmanship and a hassle-free process, AddIn partners a qualified defect inspiration company to conduct professional third-party inspection checks on all renovations carried out. This ensures objectivity in inspections to safeguard homeowners’ best interest.