1. Renovation and More

AddIn + Renovation is your one-stop platform catering to homeowners’ renovation needs – and more. It is the first renovation platform in Southeast Asia to integrate portals specialising in home and furnishing (AddIn), renovation materials (+ Material) and interior designers (+Designer) to create an all-encompassing ecosystem for everything on home design and renovation. Our aim is to provide all-rounded solutions to home design and renovation so that the journey towards achieving one’s dream home can be made easier and fuss-free. At the same time, we want to raise the visibility of renovation companies and accelerate digitalisation of the industry.


2. Access to a Directory of Renovation Companies

Browse as many renovation companies at once, view project portfolios and request for quotations – we provide homeowners easy and direct access to accredited renovation companies at the click of the mouse. Since this is a zero-commission portal, homeowners can be assured that renovation companies will not charge extra.


3. Make Informed Decisions

Our rich resource of information provides homeowners clarity and solutions on home renovation. We aim to educate homeowners on the renovation process to help them make informed decisions before committing to decisions.


4. Ensure Quality with a Professional Renovation Process

Renovations conducted by any chosen renovation company must adhere to our professional renovation process flow. This is to prevent short-cuts and ensure quality workmanship. Learn more about this process flow here.


5. Third-Party Defect Inspection

At AddIn + Renovation, our homeowners’ interests come first. This is why prior to and post-renovation, all works carried out via our portal undergoes stringent third-party defect inspection. This is how we journey with homeowners – from engaging a renovation company to inspections by a qualified third-party to provide homeowners peace of mind that renovation companies upkeep high quality standards. This serves to safeguard homeowners’ interest and raise the level of professionalism in the industry.