ADDIN Project Flow

We Put in Place a Standard Renovation Process to Give Homeowners Peace of Mind

Most renovation activities are carried out in the absence of homeowners, leaving them clueless about what goes on. So to give homeowners peace of mind that processes are carried out professionally, companies engaged through our portal are to adhere to a standard renovation process to ensure quality workmanship. From demolition, masonry, electrical and plumbing works, to procedures like plastering and hacking a wall, all activities must meet our professional processes.


1.As part of our pre-demolition process, we will inform up to 12 neighbours about the impending demolition works (For HDB Projects)

2.Demolition markings to be done beforehand

3.Two-part process to hack a wall, first using a Makita cutter to cut the wall before using a sledge hammer to hack it down

4.Thorough hacking compared to surface hacking


1.Use anti-stains homogenous floor tiles so that stains can be easily removed (For Polished Homogeneous Tiles)

2.Kitchen base, washer base and fridge base to follow tiles grove lines for a neater finish

3.Curved bases will be used for exposed edges

4.Floor-levelling gauge from kitchen floor, laying first tiles at the main door. Full-piece tiles will be used.


1.Install conduits for exposed wires to ensure safety

2.Ensure main power (Master) switch is off


1.Use stainless steel screws

2.A stopper is provided at every inlet

3.Assured no leakage after installation


1.Use Super 76 Hard Finish Wall Plaster (Or Equivalent)

2.L-cornered to ensure 90-degree finish


1.Zinc runner at every 450 mm

2.Reinforcement wood support for every 900 mm

3.Plasterboard for false ceilings

4.Gysum board for partition walls

5.Calcium silicate for wet or damp areas


1. 6-ft upturn at shower area
2.1.5-ft upturn at dry toilet area.


During renovation, we keep your house in good shape and minimise mess by covering floors, doors, walls and existing fittings with a secured protection layer.


Quality High-Pressure Laminate.


Quality Carpentry Accessories